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There is a chemistry in your business? And the existing logistic companies refuse safe custody of dangerous substances even in the smallest quantities?


SKLADR will provide you services in safe custody of dangerous goods of "ADR"
(Except for the 1st and 7th classes of danger)!





Our company specializes in rendering a range of services on safe custody and processing of dangerous goods of "DOPOG" (ADR) on a warehouse complex of a class "A".


Requirements of Rostekhnadzor licenses of operation of chemically dangerous and fire and explosion hazardous production facility dictated quality of the offered services in the field of safe custody: this storage and processing of dangerous goods on the international classification of ADR.


Dangerous goods belongs to the category of exceptional loads which storage is regulated including. The federal law of R. F. No. 116 of 21.07.1997 "About industrial safety of hazardous production facilities".


Employees of our warehouse are the highly qualified specialists who were trained in the training center accredited РОСТЕХНАДЗОРОМ, the corresponding certificates having available on the right of work with dangerous goods.


The warehouse is fundamentals, a component of warehouse logistics. And what is warehouse logistics?

The warehouse logistics is activities for planning, the organization and implementation of acceptance and storage and accounting of various material values and inventories, preparation them to productive consumption and distribution of freights between consumers, and also availability of a management system information flows, for the purpose of minimization of conversion costs of goods.


If you have or you plan business which is connected with dangerous substances or materials - contact us: we will offer worthy options on safe custody of dangerous goods.

To us ADR - To you tranquility and guarantee of safety!