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What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods - goods, as part of which the toxic and hazardous substances (s) are made from products, waste production materials if mistreated detrimental to health and property of people, environment. Major consumers and producers of hazardous substances, utilizing the services of safekeeping: Company industry (chemical, oil and gas, military and defense), agriculture and various branches of medicine, etc.

The basis of the classification of goods is their degree of danger and properties. In total there are 9 classes:

Class 1 - explosive materials (VM). This category includes hazardous materials that are in contact with air, can explode or cause a fire due to improper handling. Please note that the explosive mixture of explosive vapors and toxic gases and dust are not considered in the classification as a VM.

Class 2 - gases, liquefied compressed and dissolved under high pressure. Such materials must meet the following conditions: the critical t must be below 50 degrees, the absolute vapor pressure at t = 50 °. or equal to 3 kg / cm2 (300 kPa).

Class 3 - liquids that are flammable (HIL). They emit into the air quickly flammable vapors and t have the flash in a closed crucible to 61 degrees.

Class 4 - flammable solids quickly (LVT) that can quickly ignite spontaneously. These include all OB except those classified as explosives. Causes of fires: friction, spontaneous combustion as a result of a specific chemical. composition, heat or moisture absorption process.

Class 5 - oxidizing hazardous substances (OC) and organic peroxides (OP). These OB can quickly developing, supporting the combustion process emit O2, and also can self-ignite or explode for no reason.

Class 6 - poisonous substances (nuclear explosion) and infectious substances (IV). This mixture and the compositions which hit in the human or animal provokes poisoning or death as a result of contact with the skin or mucosa such substances can provoke any disease.

Class 7 - radioactive materials (RM). This category includes all radioactive substances with specific activity of 70 kBq / kg (nC / g).

Class 8 - caustic and (or) corrosive substances (EC). The substances that provoke corrosion of the metal can also cause damage to goods or raw materials, communications, transportation, getting to the skin to cause damage to it; can affect mucous membranes and respiratory system.

Class 9 - miscellaneous dangerous substance (s). This category includes RH, non-8 class, mentioned earlier, and have a relatively low category of danger during transport, require careful handling during storage.

The service is responsible storage of cargo and its benefits

Service "Secure storage of dangerous goods" is one of the most popular, as not all large companies have well-equipped warehouses for storing large amounts of raw materials, products, etc. Our company provides services of responsible storage of dangerous goods of all classes except 1 and 7 classes of danger. Employees have enough experience to take on full responsibility for the safety and cargo transportation.

Warehouse complex of our company is equipped with everything necessary, including living spaces, maintaining a certain temperature, humidity indicators, the level of opacity of premises, etc. We also provide additional services for cargo inspection in accordance with regulations, its repacking, shipping, unloading, and others.

You unprofitable contain its own logistics department, warehouses, pay salaries to employees, and provide them with training? Entrust this work to us! - As an additional service offer logistics outsourcing, associated with long-term storage of goods. Service outsourcing is available to all companies, regardless of the volume of trade and storage duration (between 1 month and 1 pallet).

We will provide a high level of service, allowing to increase inventory and reduce the cost of storage of dangerous goods of various classes of danger.
As a result of a bilateral agreement, we commit ourselves to store dangerous goods to the transfer of the depositor (customer). For a fee, according to the price list, we are ready to take your goods storage, ensuring compliance with all points of the contract.