There are different logistic companies on handling and storage of dangerous goods on classification of "ADR", however one of them, except SKLADR, has no so flexible options on storage of dangerous goods and other convenient conditions.

Safe custody and load handling of ADR

Dangerous goods - solid substances, liquids or gases which can do harm to live organisms, property or environment. Most often such substances have marking of ADR which warns about possible danger and its consequences. In the SKLADR company which performs storage of freights of ADR specially trained employees who have passed a certain training work.

    Dangerous goods includes flammable, explosive,
    corrosion, oxidizing, suffocating, biologically dangerous,
    and also other substances and materials.

  • Total area of the territory of a warehouse complex 4,28ga.
  • Warehouse space of 13 500 sq.m.
  • Height of ceilings is-12 m.
  • Floors with an anti-dust covering and load of 6 tons of sq.m.
  • General reservoir of a warehouse of 20 000 pallets.
  • Temperature condition is not lower + 15*C at all seasons of the year.
  • System of a supply and exhaust ventilation.
  • Security and fire alarm.
  • 15 automatic docks equipped with dokshelter and dokleveller.
  • Modern rack equipment, narrow-passage technology.
  • Modern warehouse equipment of the Yungkhaynrikh company.
  • WMS (computerized warehouse control system - "CoreOptimus")
  • Availability of reserve methods of power supply.
  • The protected territory with system of video surveillance.

PACKET of the PROVIDED SERVICES (services are provided to legal entities)
  • Rack and floor storage of freights
  • Temporary storage
  • Loading and unloading of goods of any complexity
  • Service cross-docking
  • Various options of acceptance and shipment (pallet, box, piece)
  • Matching and picking of orders of any complexity, including piece
  • Handling of goods (packaging, repacking, marking, palletizing)
  • The complex automated accounting with provision of the reporting
  • Carrying out inventory counts
  • Utilization of defective products (including dangerous goods of "ADR")

The dangerous goods is allowed to be stored in warehouses in strictly designated places with certain conditions. Our warehouse for storage of dangerous goods has a sufficient empty seat both for storage, and for movement of freight in a complex, and also an appropriate level of ventilation. All workers have passed a certain level of preparation on a case of emergence of emergency or other situation.
Warehousing of dangerous substances.